Welcome to the Auberge de Tissineva

or at Chez Dudu

The hostel Tissineva, it is first of all a warm welcome in a renovated cottage that has kept the exact proportions of the old alpine chalet Tissineva. A typical setting for a family meal, with friends, to celebrate an event or simply to meet and spend a moment full of conviviality and sweetness. Local dishes.

— Open from June 1st to August 31st 2019 —


The “Auberge de Tissineva”

It is the starting point for many walks and the Rapido Sky runs, the Tissineva – or Chez Dudu Hostel – camped at 1465m altitude can become a memorable hiking destination in itself.

While walking on the marked mountain trails in summer, you can discover amazing landscapes and points of view. With all generations combined, we rediscover the practice of hiking which offers cheaper ecological leisure, remaining physical without requiring athletic training.

The pure and invigorating air of the mountain is the appropriate and necessary place to regenerate, bringing you closer to nature. Varied and preserved landscapes are scattered along the walk. Forests follow pastures where cows graze.

The wooded pasture is an ecotone of great floral wealth. You can discover it during walks and when picking for the preparation of salads, herbal teas or herbal ointments. Then, at the beginning of the summer before the cattle graze, there are so many flowers in the pastures that not only is it very beautiful, it also smells so good!

To listen to the buzzards or the chooks, to shout, to see them play with the wind, to surprise a chamois or a variable hare, to see him take off, is an indescribable happiness.

We can also meet mountain farmers in their chalet and discover a lifestyle more in harmony with nature, we see the animals, we can buy the cheese. If you are early, you can attend the making of an alpine cheese. It is then that you can make the discovery of a rich and authentic Gruyère heritage.

Sample a “soupe de chalet” on arrival at Tissineva, or a little blueberry pie that cannot be refused. Discover another lifestyle, that of well-being and savor the taste of local.

A break is necessary: just imagine that you are in the heart of the Gruyère, on a dream-like terrace situated in front of the sublime panorama of the Fribourg Pre-Alps enjoying a fondue!

Tissineva offers you the décor, it’s up to you to create the day that goes with it!